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You know what they say- an International Degree is always an International degree. In this article we have tried to bring GRE Syllabus 2014 for you. Want to study abroad? Fascinated by the foreign universities’ huge campus and world-class facilities? Want an International exposure? Then this is certainly your call.

GRADUATE RECORD EXAMINATION (GRE) is a standardized test that is an essential admission requirement for many graduate schools in all the English-speaking countries for English-taught graduate and business programs world-wide. From the last 60 years, GRE is treated as a path opener for the aspirants who want to study in the foreign universities’ campus. Like in USA, many Indian students get chances to study through good GRE score and even they avail scholarship facilities by USA for pursuing their Masters’ there.

GRE coaching in delhi

Syllabus of GRE
Study Abroad
The Graduate Record Examination (GRE) consists of two tests

GRE General Test
GRE Subject Test ( Your Area of Specializations)
Test I – (GRE General Test)

GRE General Test is consists of three sections:

Analytical Writing
Verbal Test
Quantitative Test
Syllabus of GRE General Test

Analytical Writing
Essay Writing tasks,

This section grabs an idea of your critical thinking and analytical writing skills, and portrays your ability to articulate and support complex ideas clearly. This section consists of two analytical writing tasks:

A 45-minute “Present Your Perspective on an Issue” task, and
A 30-minute “Analyze an Argument” task.

VERBAL Test Take Sample Verbal Test

It measures your ability to analyze and evaluate written material and synthesize material information obtained from it, analyze relationships among various parts of the sentences and recognize relationships among words and concepts. The Verbal section consists of- Analogies, Antonyms, Sentence Completions and Reading comprehension.

Quantitative Test- It comes with an idea to measure our PROBLEM-SOLVING skills, focusing on basic concepts of Algebra, Arithmetic, Geometry and Data Analysis.

The GRE Subject Test-

The GRE Subject test is now divided into following seven major areas of specializations-

Literature in English
Biochemistry, Cell and Molecular Biology

All the subject tests mentioned here have the same syllabus of any standard test. Most of the Indian Engineering students with non CSE IT background go for the Mathematics test in general. The GRE Computer Science Subject Test has been discontinued from April 2013.

More than anything else, your admission to graduate school will depend on your scores on the verbal and quantitative sections of the GRE (not the Subject Test).

The GRE Mathematics Test Syllabus- Take Sample GRE Test

CALCULUS(50%): Elementary Calculus, Differential and Integral Calculus of one and several variables, Trigonometry(includes calculus based calculations and connections with Coordinate Geometry, Differential Equations.


Elementary algebra: basic algebraic techniques and manipulations acquired in high school and used throughout mathematics.
Linear algebra: Matrix algebra, systems of Linear Equations, Vector Spaces, Linear Transformations, Characteristic Polynomials and EIGEN values and EIGEN vectors.
Number System and Abstract algebra: Elementary topics from group theory, theory of rings and modules, field theory and number theory.

This section basically consists of Sequence and Series, Functions, Continuity, differentiability and Integrability, Geometry, Complex Variables, Probability and statistics and Numerical Analysis.

The GRE Mathematics Test will have approximately 66 MULTIPLE-CHOICE questions in GRE.


The physics test basically consists all the major aspects of high-school physics-

Basic Mechanics(20%)
Quantum Mechanics(12%)
Optics and Wave Phenomena(9%)
Thermodynamics and Statistical Mechanics(10%)
Atomic Physics(10%)
Special Relativity(6%)
Laboratory Methods(6%)
Nuclear and Particle Physics(9%)
The GRE Physics Test will have approximately 100 FIVE-CHOICE questions in GRE Exam.


Inorganic Chemistry(25%)
Analytical chemistry(15%)
Organic Chemistry(30%)
Physical Chemistry(30%)
The GRE Chemistry Test will have approximately 130 MULTIPLE-CHOICE questions in GRE.


Organismal Biology(33-34%)
Ecology and Evolution(33-34%)
Cellular and Molecular Biology(33-34%)
The GRE Biology Test will have approximately 194 FIVE-CHOICE questions in GRE 2013 Exam.


Cell Biology(28%)
Molecular Biology and Genetics(36%)
The GRE Biochemistry, Cell and Molecular Biology Test will have approximately 170 MULTIPLE-CHOICE questions in GRE.


Literary Analysis(40-55%)
Cultural and Historical Contexts(20-25%)
Theory and History of Criticism of Literature(10-15%)
The GRE Literature in English Test will have approximately 230 questions in GRE 2013.


Senmation and Perception(5-7%)
Physiological/Behavioral Neurosciences(12-14%)
Social Life(12-14%)
The GRE Psychology Test will have approximately 205 FIVE-CHOICE questions in GRE 2013 Exam.

Download the Revised 2013 GRE Syllabus pdf, GRE REVISED SYLLABUS 2013 PDF

Download the GRE Exam Sample Paper of General Test pdf, GRE EXAM SAMPLE PAPER OF GENERAL TEST PDF

To ensure that you score as high as you can, it is essential to prepare for GRE in every possible way. Buy a review book and develop a systematic plan that will enable you to brush up on your skills in vocabulary, reading, comprehension, analogies, algebra and Geometry. Plan to take the test in the month of November. This will ensure that your scores will be available for any admission deadline.


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