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SAT Coaching Classes in Delhi

What is SAT?

A standardized test, the SAT measures Mathematical, Reading and Writing skills of students aspiring to undergo their undergraduate studies abroad. The test intends to aid Undergraduate Schools to assess the potential of the applicants for advanced study. Universities in the US, while inviting applications from prospective students, ask for SAT scores.

The examination is entirely a paper-based Test. The test is scored on a maximum of 1600. The SAT I score alone cannot guarantee admission into a school - the test is only one of the major factors taken into consideration in the long process of an applicant getting admitted into a graduate school that they desire.

The SAT has following sections – Mathematics, Reading test and Writing and Language test.

The Mathematics section is scored on a scale of 200-800

The Critical Reading section is scored on a scale of 200-800

The Essay is scored separately on a scale of 2-8

The entire SAT® test score ranges from 400-1600

SAT subject test is taken to provide an evidence of language proficiency as per the choice of student. Some colleges allow students to choose which tests to take while others specify the Subject test as part of their entrance requirements. The students can take the subject test in more than one language as well.

About ACE Campus

Ace Campus Services is part of an old Education Group since 1999 called the “Career Group” which has an All India presence already and plans to expand to neighbouring countries also later on. The Group already has 5 offices in Delhi/NCR in Central/East Delhi,South/West Delhi, North Delhi, Noida and in Chennai. More offices are coming up shortly in Bangalore and Cochin.

ACE campus provides coaching classes in delhi for GRE, GMAT , IELTS , TOEFl , SAT. we provides best education to the students who are planning to study abroad.