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Website Designing............................................................

Part-1 Layout Designing (Photoshop)

Unit 1: Core Concept

» Designing for screen
» Decoding screen size and resolution
» Exploring the PSD-to-HTML workflow
» Setting up Photoshop for web work
» Creating a new document for web
» Creating a new document for mobile
» Setting up a responsive web layout
» Creating email newsletter documents

Unit 2: Working with Color

» Adjusting color settings
» Understanding web color
» Creating custom swatches
» Applying color to shapes and graphics

Unit 3: Working with Layers

»Exploring the Layers panel
»Renaming and grouping layers
»Searching and filtering layers
»Using layer comps effectively
»Using automatic layer selection

Unit 4: Working with Shapes and Objects

»Using vector shapes vs. pixel shapes
»Creating vector shapes
»Working with fills and strokes
»Working with Smart Objects
»Importing images
»Cropping and resizing images

5. Creating Wireframes

»Planning your project
»Using guides and rulers
»Using a grid system
»Developing a layout with shape layers
»Making pixel-perfect adjustment

6. Working with Text

»Using point text vs. paragraph text
»Using text as text vs. using text as an image
»Understanding web-safe fonts
»Inserting placeholder text
»Creating and using character styles
»Creating and using paragraph styles
C»reating editable 3D text

7. Using Layer Styles

»Understanding layer styles
»Creating and using drop shadow
»Creating better bevels
»Simulating metallic textures
»Saving and applying layer styles
»Turning layer styles into independent layers

Part-2 HTML CSS Course (Learn How to Create Static Websites)

1. Getting Started

» Course Introduction
» Course software
» What is a HTML and HTML 5?
» Getting started with tags
» How to save web pages
» Viewing your web pages

2. Basic HTML Tags

» Basic HTML template
» Heading Tags
» Paragraph and Break tags
» Bold and Italics
» HTML lists

3. Getting started with CSS

» Introduction to CSS
» CSS rules
» Where to put your styles
» Using CSS selectors
» Inline and Embedded styles
» CSS and Fonts
» Font colours
» Font sizes
» Styling Fonts

4. Dealing with Images

» Types of Images
» Inserting Images part 1
» Inserting Images part 2
» Image Attributes
» Images and CSS
» Text wrapping with CSS
» CSS and image borders
» Background Images
» Adding captions to images

5. Linking to other pages

» Hyperlinks
» Linking to other pages
» Other types of hyperlinks
» CSS and hyperlinks
» External stylesheets
» HTML lists and nav bars

6. CSS Layouts

» The Box Model
» CSS Comments
» CSS Positioning
» CSS floats
» A one column CSS layout
» Styling the one column layout
» Styling HTML 5 tags
» A two column CSS layout

7. HTML 4 and HTML 5 tables

» HTML 4 Tables
» Row and Col span
» Table alignment, colour, images
» HTML 5 Tables

8. HTML forms

» Form Tags
» Textboxes, Submit, Reset
» Formatting Textboxes with CSS
» Labels, Textareas
» Option buttons and Check boxes
» Passwords, hidden fields

9. HTML5 and Forms

» HTML 5 Forms
» Placeholders, Required
» Email, URL, Search
» Spinners and Sliders
» Dates, Colour pickers
» Data Lists
» HTML Form Layouts
» HTML 5 Video and Audio
» The HTML 5 Canvas tag
» Details, Aside, Mark